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Veneers at St Marys Surgery NSW

Transform the appearance of your smile with dental veneers. Our veneers are personalised to meet your cosmetic and aesthetic desires while delivering long-lasting and functional results.

 What are veneers?

Veneers are thin coverings that are bonded to the surface of your tooth to correct cosmetic and structural flaws. They are individually crafted from a durable and fine layer of porcelain or composite to create a strong, beautiful, natural looking smile

When are veneers used?

Veneers are a good choice if your teeth are permanently discoloured, resistant to whitening treatments, chipped, cracked or poorly shaped, contact us, your cosmetic specialist to find out more about veneers. Veneers are also able to remove gaps between your teeth, correct an off-tooth position or adjust minor bite-related problems.

In some cases, bonding tooth coloured fillings for minor modifications, teeth whitening, or orthodontic treatment (braces) may be all that you need, and the application of dental veneers would be considered over-treatment. When teeth are severely damaged or worn, other treatment options like ceramic crowns or dental bridges may be required.

Dr Daniel Tan offers ceramic or porcelain veneers as well as bonded composite veneers to our patients who are looking to close gaps in their teeth, treat any discoloured teeth or restore their natural smile. To find out which type of veneer is suitable for you contact us today.

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